Potterhouse Early Years section caters for children aged 2-5 years, providing a carefully planned induction to the British National Curriculum. The environment ensures that the children feel safe and secure, as they adjust to days spent away from home. There is also the flexibility for children to start part-time and build up to staying for afternoon sessions.

The Early Years curriculum is based on Early Learning Goals, and presents a distinct stage in the development of the child.

Both structured and informal play opportunities represent an important part of the Early Years curriculum. Through play children develop the social, emotional, physical and creative aspects of their characters.
Young children are active learners. They need time to explore a variety of first-hand experiences in a well planned environment. In the Early Years classes we employ a workshop approach to learning through careful planning and organization of the learning environment.

To ensure that children enter a secure and settled environment, where they get the special attention they require at this age, the ratio of children to adults is kept very low.

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