Terms and Conditions

The following rules and regulations pertain to the Potterhouse School Clubs. It is the intention of the clubs department to limit these rules to the minimum required for the mutual enjoyment of the club by its members. These rules are for the good of all members and are also to assure the parents / guardians of all the comforts and services to which you are entitled.

  • Every student in Potterhouse School must belong to a club, unless advised otherwise.

  • All payments to the clubs should be made to the school account. No cash payments will be accepted in the school. The club fee will appear on the term’s billing statement. By signing up to the club you will be automatically billed for that club.

  • Dress Code: Students should wear their normal school uniform except where a club requires specific clothing. This will be advised accordingly.

  • Students are not allowed to change clubs in the middle of the term.

If you at any time experience unsatisfactory service, please report it immediately to the Head of Clubs [Teacher David Kamotho] who will assess the situation and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.